Skydance Animation Madrid is the next great animation studio, led by a diverse team of talented individuals who have worked in studios around the globe. It offers a dynamic, inclusive, and ever�evolving culture where innovative ideas are welcomed, and growth fostered. The partnership between unique creativity and technological advancements are demonstrated within each pillar of the company. , Since its creation, the studio has made the Spanish capital a hub for talent around the world. Focused on creating bold and original stories set in incredible worlds that can only be experienced in animation for audiences around the world. The slate of upcoming projects includes features LUCK, directed by Peggy Holmes (Hocus Pocus), co-directed by Javier Abad; SPELLBOUND, directed by Vicky Jenson (Shrek) and co-directed by Jorge Blanco; and Pookoo , written and directed by Nathan Greno (Tangled) and produced by Jennifer Magee�Cook (The Princess and the Frog).


  • Cinema Production

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Paseo Castellana 53 - 1º