Audiovisual from Spain, promoting the internationalization of the Spanish audiovisual sector

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public business entity that falls under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies in order to contribute to their competitiveness and add value to the economy as a whole, as well as to attract foreign investment to Spain. 

As part of its multi-sectral mission, ICEX Spain Trade and Investment  has been promoting the internationalization of the audiovisual sector for many years. Audiovisual from Spain supports the export of audiovisual content and services, in particular by maintaining a constant presence on major markets, at festivals and networking events, as well of course as in international media. 

Created by ICEX to bring together Spanish companies in the film, television, animation, video games and extended reality content sectors, the Audiovisual from Spain umbrella brand seeks to promote talent and content within the sector internationally at major trade fairs around the world.

Audiovisual from Spain supports the international promotion of the content and services offered by Spanish production and distribution companies by providing a range of promotional tools for Spanish content with the aim of promoting it abroad and making it known to buyers around the world. It helps them to attend key international events such as Marché du Film or MIPCOM, and attend other specialized events such as Cartoon Forum, Gamescom, MIFA, Immersiva Tech Week or Sunny Side of the Doc, and get involved with networking actions, which are now a staple on our calendar of activities each year.

Within the framework of the Spanish Government's Plan "Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe", which aims to boost national audiovisual production in the digital era and attract international investment and talent, ICEX is collaborating with several ministerial departments, involving other public administrations, and encouraging the initiative on the part of numerous private companies, in an overall effort to diversify the Spanish economy and contribute to the external positioning of the Spanish audiovisual industry and to attract investment.