Extended Reality for Health and Wellness

Extended Reality for Health and Wellness

In the XR business landscape in Spain, there are some well-known names in the healthcare vertical and some new ones that are making their way into the global arena with their innovative applications, videogames, and extended reality projects.

Mental health, sports, geriatric emotional well-being are just some of the issues that Spanish companies in the sector have focused on: Leading VR platform for mental health professionals, Amelia Virtual Care, formerly known as Psious, raised €7 million in 2022 to drive the company's growth in the United States. 

Meanwhile, Oroi, which uses VR as a solution to generate emotional well-being and cognitively stimulate the elderly population, announced a strategic partnership with U.S. digital therapeutics VR company MyndVR to expand its portfolio of cognitive, physical, and occupational therapies.

XTADIUM, YBVR's most recent launch, is a virtual reality social sports hub for watching live games and pay-per-view events featuring the world's most popular leagues and sports. This VR app was launched with content from UFC, Nascar and ONE Championship.

In addition, BeFootball's Superplayer VR video game, which will award $3,000 in BeFootball prizes, is the first immersive World Cup, and the winners were announced at the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.