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Relaunched last year as a pay TV platform, Atresplayer Premium intensifies Atresmedia’s commitment to producing internationally significant original content like “Veneno”

“Veneno” Gives Life to Atresplayer Premium

The bioseries "Veneno", created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi about a popular Spanish LGTB icon, is Atresplayer Premium's greatest success to date.

The series was acquired by WarnerMedia for HBO Max in the United States and Latin America and has driven increased subscriptions to the platform in Spain.

“The series has been a huge hit in Spain. It has been applauded almost unanimously by both specialized critics and the public, and it is considered as one of the best series of 2020,” explains José Antonio Antón, director of Programming, Content and Digital at Atresmedia.

“And the same is true abroad: the journey at HBO MAX has just begun in the USA and it has already had a spectacular impact in the country, with major publications such as Time and Variety talking about its quality and important names in the industry praising it as an unprecedented product," he adds.

New Distribution Window

With a notable presence in Spain and Latin America, the number of Atresplayer Premium subscribers grew significantly over the year, reaching 289,000 by September 30, after ending 2019 with 125,000.

For the Atresmedia group, Atresplayer Premium represents a new distribution window both in Spain and the rest of the world, part of the company's transformation process from a traditional TV group to a digital content producer.

Atresplayer offers three different types of programming: linear broadcasts from Atresmedia TV channels, premieres of programs that will later be launched free-to-air and original content. Subscribers have access to the group's extensive catalog, which covers more than 20,000 hours of programming.

“We are determined to maximize the performance of our catalog, while positioning the platform internationally. In the end, our content is in demand all over the world,” Antón says.

Catalyst for Spanish Fiction

At the same time, the arrival of the Atresplayer Premium is a boost for the local television production sector. “We are the platform that has released the most Spanish fiction this year in Spain,” he says.

Combining the different types of releases, Atresplayer will add eight to ten series premieres before the end of the year.

In the production of originals, Atresplayer has started with a less conventional content profile. “Operating a pay TV service enables us to produce more niche TV fiction projects, which would probably have been more difficult to produce for a free-to-air TV window,” says Antón.

“With Atresplayer Premium, we are not only opening another line of business, we are expanding our content and our brand worldwide, especially in Spanish-speaking areas,” he says.

As a catalyst for the sector of TV fiction production in Spain, Atresmedia works with a wide range of independent producers, although Buendía Estudios, the joint venture launched by Atresmedia and Telefonica in June, plays a major role in the generation of a significant portion of their programs.

For example, “Veneno” is a Buendía production in collaboration with Suma Latina and in association with Apache Films, by Enrique López-Lavigne.

Other titles with Buendía's presence include the comedy “ByAnaMilán”, the miniseries “FoQ: el reencuentro”, a sequel to the successful drama “Physics or Chemistry”, the return of “The Protected”, a hit show airing between 2010 and 2012, produced by Boomerang TV , as well as the docu-fiction “The Decisive Moment”, the result of a partnership with La Caña Brothers.

Atresplayer productions often find a place on the Atresmedia free-to-air channels. After its premiere on the OTT service, the Plano a Plano comedy “Benidorm” and the dystopian “The Barrier”, by Daniel Écija, have been given a slot in Antena 3's prime time, while the documentary series “Pongamos que hablo de...” is shown on LaSexta.

Also produced by Buendía, the drama “The Cook of Castamar”, starring Michelle Jenner (“Isabel”), will premiere both on Antena 3 prime time and in Atresplayer.
One of the projects that has aroused the most interest is the series “La Ruta”, set along the legendary Ruta del Bacalao of the 90s, produced with Caballo Films, a production company headed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, one of the creators of the acclaimed Movistar Plus series “Riot Police”.

“The project is progressing strongly and we are already working on the scripts. Given its quality, we are sure that its international impact will be very notable,” assures Antón.

In addition, producer and showman Arturo Valls will star in the comedy “Two Years and One Day”, a new original produced by LACOproductora, Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio), Estela Films and Pólvora Films.

Atresplayer Premium gives Atresmedia the opportunity to program large international formats such as “The Voice” or “The Masked Singer” without advertising before their free-to-air launch. It has also recently acquired the rights to the "Drag Race" format for exclusive broadcast.