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By producing non-fiction for operators such as Movistar Plus or AtresPlayer or films such as “The (Silent) War," La Caña Brothers have triumphed with their own voice in the Spanish market. Now they aspire to do so globally

La Caña Brothers: The Conquest of the International Market Begins in Asia

La Caña Brothers was founded ten years ago by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas, Juanjo López and Adolpho Cañadas, members of the Canal Plus sports newsroom.

After a rapid growth in the field of docu-fiction and recreations, the production company now strengthens its investment in fiction, the great objective.

"The (Silent) War,” a western film set in the Spanish post-civil war period directed by Cortés-Cavanillas and starring Asier Etxeandía, is their second feature film after " The Days Not Lived " (2012).

The film, completely financed by La Caña Brothers, has become their best international business card. In addition to the great acceptance at festivals, different sales agreements managed by Filmax with operators such as Netflix (for the United States, Latin America, Spain and Portugal) or HBO (Eastern Europe) have been signed.

Although the priority market for La Caña Brothers is Asia, where "The (Silent) War" will soon be released in some territories such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

The recent success in Asia of Spanish titles such as “The Invisible Guest” -by Atresmedia Cine, Think Studio and Nostromo, which in China alone raised 26 million dollars- is a stimulus.

"Our idea is to initiate the international opening through Asia. The narrative of '"The (Silent) War," the story of a maquis who could be a vilified samurai, can work for an Asian audience," says Cortés-Cavanillas.

"The Japanese market is very interesting to us. We have a couple of projects that we want to co-produce, so '"The (Silent) War” opens a very good path," he says.

"The market has globalized very quickly, we weren’t selling as much in Asia as now," he says. He also recognizes that a wide range of co-production and distribution possibilities have opened up.

One of the projects that La Caña Brothers have begun to activate is the screen adaptation of the comic book “Espadas del fin del mundo” (Swords of the End of the World), based on a real story of the 16th century about some Spanish conquistadors in the Philippines besieged by Japanese pirates.

"That voice of La Caña Brothers, which is known in Spain is going to be very well understood in the global market. In fact, we are working on another project with international actors and in different languages," he says.

“We believe there are many niches in the international market and there is an opportunity.”

In June, coinciding with the end of the state of alarm caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, La Caña Brothers produced the fiction "Ego,” starring María Pedraza ("Money Heist"), Marian Álvarez (“Wounded”) and Alicia Borrachero ("Terminator": Dark Fate"). The company is currently closing a deal for international distribution.

According to Cortés-Cavanillas, "content no longer has borders and the views have to be different. We need to keep in mind that content works anywhere as long as it is good and valuable or has an intention. There are aspects such as love, friendship, life or death which are universal. Content is the new gold and there is an audience for all kinds of content.

In the medium term, in the international market, La Caña Brothers aspires to establish themselves both in Asia and in the United States, while remaining faithful to their principles.

“We are content craftsmen. We try not to make many productions, but rather make them with care to be able to offer a different product and thus generate a national as well as international brand. We want to do what motivates us and differentiate us.