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The production company Mediacrest, based in Madrid and Barcelona, has been one of the most striking developments in the booming Spanish audiovisual scene in recent years. Its growth plan involves weaving alliances with international operators

Producer Mediacrest Forges International Alliances to Boost its Growth

Launched in early 2019 by experienced audiovisual industry professionals such as CEO Francisco Pou or Executive Director Daniel Domenjó, Mediacrest arrives at the height of the platform boom, with Spain becoming one of the most dynamic European markets in the production field, driven by the growing demand for Spanish-language content worldwide.

"The audiovisual production market in Spain is experiencing a wonderful moment. Some productions are highly disseminated and there has been an explosion that has made people abroad to realize that in Spain things are very well done. We want to follow those steps," says Diego Mazón, Corporate and Communications Director of Mediacrest.

This young company is committed to the production and distribution of fiction content for film and television, documentaries and entertainment, with a necessarily global perspective. In addition, it puts special emphasis on its big data department which allows early detection of market trends and cost reduction.

Mediacrest's first agreements for fiction production did not take long. It is already developing the six-episode miniseries "El síndrome”, produced with Federation Entertainment, the French company of Pascal Breton, which in Spain is headed by Toni Sevilla.

Based on an original idea by Joaquín Llamas, the series tells, in the form of a research thriller, the Spanish crisis at the beginning of the 1980s, motivated by the commercialization of adulterated rapeseed oil for domestic consumption.

In addition, Mediacrest's fiction department, headed by Alberto Macías (“Cuéntame/ Remember when…", "3Caminos"), is preparing the thriller "Demokracia," together with RTVE, after the project won a development award from the public operator in September as part of Pamplona's Conecta Fiction Reboot.

With a script by Rodrigo Martín and Pedro García Ríos, "Demokracia" tells the story of a young girl from the first class of female police officers in 1979, who is assigned to a dangerous police station in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas.

Regarding entertainment content, an early move by Mediacrest was its alliance with British operator ITV for the adaptation of the "The chase" contest. The Spanish version, "El cazador,” which is broadcast daily by La 1 and produced in collaboration with RTVE, has just been renewed for a fourth season.

"When you're growing up, the first thing you do is look for partners who will help you make yourself a name abroad. The fact that ITV entrusted us with one of their longest standing formats to produce in Spain has been a great endorsement," says Mazón.

Another international partner for Mediacrest is ViacomCBS International Studios, with whom it has closed a co-development agreement for Spain for the survival reality show "Stranded with a million dollars,” originally broadcast by MTV in the United States.

Hugo Tomás, head of entertainment, who has worked on the adaptation for Spain of reality TV formats such as "Temptation Island" or "MasterChef Celebrity,” leads this co-development with ViacomCBS on behalf of Mediacrest.

Placing your products abroad

"Right now it is almost unthinkable to do things on your own when it comes to foreign countries, so the policy of forging alliances can give you the opportunity to place your products abroad," says Mazón, who considers Latin America and the Anglo-Saxon market strategic targets for the group.

Mediacrest is already involved in the international marketing of own formats and productions, an activity led by Emma García. The first original formats moving in search of international partners are entertainment and documentaries.

In total, Mediacrest develops a dozen documentary projects from the department led by prestigious filmmaker Gerardo Olivares ("14 kilómetros", "La gran final /The great match"). Among them, "Unboxing Pandora," with the production company Asimétrica Films.