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It began as a hobby among four friends from the Colegio Mayor (Residence Hall) SEPI of Madrid, to become a successful virtual animation studio based on the cloud, with global implementation

Summus Render's Simple Cloud, From Hobby Among Friends To Globally Successful Virtual Studio

"The adventures of Tadeo Jones", "Underdogs", "Capture de flag", "Ozzy", "Final Fantasy XV", the animated short "Blue & Malone" and even "Game of Thrones" are some of the great productions Spanish and international who have used the services of the SimpleCloud Animation platform to date.

Developed by Summus Render, Madrid's leading company in rendering services for years, -with a presence in other sectors beyond animation such as videogames, VFX, architecture, construction, engineering or education-
SimpleCloud is a cloud-based remote work solution that allows the creation of graphical-capable virtual desktops.

Users can connect to the cloud from anywhere and with any computer while maintaining their personal desktop configuration and software without the need for updates, with minimum investment, maximum security and in a simpler manner.

"Our approach is to facilitate access to the most necessary resource that animation companies have, which is people, as well as to make life easier for them," explains Fernando Viñuales, COO and co-founder of Summus Render.

Summus Render has been strengthening SimpleCloud through alliances with groups at the forefront of technology such as IBM Cloud Services, with data processing centers in Dallas (USA), Frankfurt (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan); Vmware, nVIDIA or Microsoft.

In what is a key advantage for animation production, SimpleCloud also includes a free and configurable pipeline.

"Having an automated pipeline is crucial in animation. Even if the team is completely scattered, this pipeline works as if they were in the same studio, with the benefit of having a cloud studio without losing the advantages of the automation of your local studio," explains Viñuales.

Another key to the success of this virtual workstation is the constant presence of its creators in major events and international markets in the sector, such as Cartoon Movie, Siggraph, Mifa or Weird (formerly 3D Wire).

"Continuous visits to these markets has given us first of all a more global vision of the industry. At Siggraph, for example, we met people who helped us develop the idea of SimpleCloud. We have also exchanged knowledge with our competitors... When you go outside, you learn about everything," he says.

Summus co-founder assesses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the implementation of virtual production tools: "At end of the day, we are selling teleworking. Covid-19 has made everyone see that teleworking works and is more than necessary."

Although the pandemic has come with drastic cost reductions in production companies, which cushions the positive effect of teleworking, SimpleCloud is counting on increasingly larger international clients, says Viñuales.

Among them, a major American who uses SimpleCloud in a large production, and with whom, they are holding conversations for the use of the pipeline, which would mean a closer and more ambitious relationship.