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Associated with companies such as the Chinese firm Left Pocket or Sony Music Iberia, the studio is taking a chance on the tax incentives in the Canary Islands

Tomavision Displays the Versatility of Spanish Animation

With more than 20 years in the animation industry, the independent company Tomavision, based in Barcelona and Tenerife, embodies like few others, the versatility that characterizes the Spanish companies of this sector.

Tomavision has capacity to work in a wide range of activities, which allows the firm to undertake from co-production projects to production services or property creation.

Directed and established by Mercedes Marro, Tomavision was nominated for the International Emmy Kids Award in 2012, for their work on the animated sitcom "Ask Lara".

The company has worked with leading national and international operators such as TV3 (Spain), BBC (UK), VPRO (Netherlands), YLE (Finland), TV Brazil (Brazil), NRK Super (Norway), Canal Plus (France) and Youku (China).

In 2017, they opened a studio in Tenerife to co-produce together with Left Pocket, the second season of “Emmy & Gooroo”, a long-running preschool series in China.

From Barcelona, Tomavision had already helped the Chinese company Left Pocket to develop its original concept for the online service Youku, and had a small stake in the production of the first season (52 x 11').

The second season led to the opening of Tomavision Studio in Tenerife, from where services both writing and pre-production, as well as animation and sound for episodes with a 7' format were provided, in addition to a short film and several songs.

Tomavision and Left Pocket are currently working together to launch YouTube channels with children's content, while developing both the third season of "Emmy & Gooroo" in 3D - which Tomavision plans to co-produce - and the new series "Nana & The Toy Kingdom”, also in 3D.

Talent Explorers

Partnering with Sony Music Iberia, whose content division is led by Sergi Reitg, Tomavision is developing the series "Talent Explorers" for FC Barcelona, as well as the preschool music project "Chimp Pop".

In the case of "Talent Explorers", they serviced Sony by defining the concept of the project; making suitable for FC Barcelona: bible, writing, graphics, pilot... In addition, they coordinated the collaborations of Art Director Jorge Blanco, from Maga Animation’s 3D animation department and writer Charles Murphy.

According to Pierre Nothman, Executive Producer of the company, "since the establishment of Tomavision Studio in Tenerife, services occupy most of our activity - a large part of the services we provide include development and creativity".

The Canary Islands Tax Incentives Scheme, one of the most attractive in the international arena, applicable to both co-productions and production services, has broadened Tomavision’s expectations, which after the opening of the studio in Tenerife, began to integrate tax incentives into its business plan.

Companies participating in Spanish projects produced in the Islands and holding the Canarian certification for audiovisual production, can access a tax deduction percentage of 50% for the first million Euro invested and 45% thereafter, with a maximum of 18 million.

In addition, as a company based in the Canary Islands, Tomavision allows access to a tax rebate of 50%-45% over expenses in Spain. These productions require spending at least 200,000 Euro on animation in Spain.

“Of course [the Tax Incentive Scheme] has attracted business to the Islands, encouraging both job creation and the import of talent. It has also represented the beginning of an interest by funding parties, which is essential to give stability to the formula", says Nothman.

International Co-production

“International co-production is still a hard tool for Spanish producers. In fact, it is very difficult to raise funding and fit co-producers into your own concept, while it is easier to take a minority stake in a foreign production project”, he points out.

He adds: “For this reason, at Tomavision Studio we are more service-oriented, considering the tax incentives for collaborations in foreign productions”.

The animation developed and produced by Tomavision can be easily integrated into video games and online platforms, says the company, which has already launched several channels for children on YouTube. This is an exceptional opportunity to explore the Internet market, where children represent the 40% of new users.

“As a growth path, we are looking mainly at online content", says Nothman.

“We certainly have an interest in gaming, but it is not the main growth path at the moment, but a possible line of business to take into consideration in the medium term".