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The construction of the second-largest major audiovisual center in Europe after Pinewood will be completed in September 2021

Madrid Content City will bring together talent and the industry, with an eye towards the global market

Madrid Content City will feature both industry players and education in its premises located in the Tres Cantos municipality of greater Madrid, with the goal of satisfying the enormous demand for audiovisual content in Spain and around the world. In 2018, Netflix launched its first European production center there, occupying five floors of Secuoya Studios and planting the seed for the future audiovisual complex.

Since then, Secuoya Studios have hosted the shooting of some of the streaming giant's most popular series, including “La Casa de Papel”, produced in collaboration with Vancouver Media, and “Elite” with Zeta Audiovisual.

With an expansion totaling 140,000 m2, the Madrid Content City project will add to the production hub, shooting services, catering options and leisure, athletics facilities and Madrid Content Campus, which will be directed by Grupo Planeta through its Training and Universities division.

The campus will offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as specialized masters in Audiovisual Creation, Management and Production. Thanks to a strategic agreement announced in December, Planeta will manage this campus with the capacity to host around 7,000 students. Of these, approximately half will be international, primarily from Latin America, where Planeta has already established a strong presence in the education sector.

For Planeta, the concept is to convert Madrid Concept Campus into a leading educational hub for audiovisual industry professionals. “It's very important to unite the industry and education, because one of the threats to audiovisual production is a shortage of professionals”, explains Raúl Berdonés, President of Grupo Secuoya, the company which manages Madrid Content City.

Madrid Content City seeks to take advantage of the current golden age of Spanish TV fiction. Both “La Casa de Papel” and “Elite” were among the top 10 most-watched series on Netflix in 2019, attracting respectively 44 and 20 million users from around the world. In parallel, local Spanish production continues to experience an unparalleled boom. Beyond Netflix, which has over a dozen new Spanish productions planned for the 2020-2021 period, Amazon, HBO, Viacom International Studios and Starz are all also producing content in Spain.  Other powerful players are also expected to begin producing in our market shortly.

“Spain has experienced a real revolution in the production of TV fiction. We have to take advantage of this favorable situation," states Berdonés.

Once the three phases of construction are complete in September 2021, Madrid Content City will become the second-largest production center in Europe, after England's Pinewood. Berdonés plans to take the Madrid Content City concept to other countries such as Colombia and Mexico.