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Co-produce with Spain mob 1

All co-productions governed by international treaties, and which have the corresponding approbation from the Spanish Film Institute (ICAA), are considered national productions, wich is why the same sources of funds for the Spanish participation of the co-production, are available as for purely national productions.

Spain has financial assistance from the ICAA for the film creation, production and promotion as well as tax deductions on investments in filmmaking and audio-visual productions.

Should you want to co-produce with Spain, through Spanish Producers Association, FAPAE, you could get in touch with producers of feature films, animation, documentaries, scripted formats, TV movies… More info:


General Production Funding for Project-Based Feature-Length Film Production (New Fund)
2016 estimated budget: 30,000,000€
Based on projects of industrial value and minimum distribution.

Selective Production Funding for Project-Based Feature-Length Film Production (New Fund)
2016 estimated Budget: 6,000,000€
Based on Project of special filmmaking, cultural or social value, whether of a documentary nature or incorporating new directors.

Short Film Production Funding
2016 estimated Budget: 1,000,000€
For project-based short films (2016 estimated budget: 700,000€) is for those projects which have not been rated and which have not been presented at film festivals.
For produced short films (2016 estimated budget: 300,000€) is for short films which have already been produced and have therefore been rated.


Galicia. Desde 25.000 € (documentales para TV en lengua gallega) hasta 240.000 €. 

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Film Export Funding
2016 estimated Budget: 300,000€
For film production companies whose films are of Spanish nationality or are in the position to be Spanish nationality which have been selected or invited by the same international film festivals or filmmaking award competitions of renowned prestige as the list of festivals and award competitions included in the announcement of the call for applications.


Co-production Agreements

Multilateral Agreements

Bilateral Agreements

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