The Spanish distributor is committed to diversifying its catalog


At Mipcom 2018, Wild Stories Distribution officially presented itself to international buyers as a boutique distribution company focused on nature documentaries.  

Since then, the company headed by Pablo Alemán has achieved many successes, such as selling the series Wild Hunters (9x52') produced by Terra Incognita Docs to National Geographic Channels International for all countries outside the U.S.A. and to Nat Geo Mundo for the U.S. Hispanic market. Hispanic.

Wild Stories has also signed an output deal with Blue Ant Media to supply 60 hours of documentaries over three years for its Love Nature channel in Canada.


Beyond these recent milestones, the Madrid-based distributor has managed to establish its product on all five continents among a wide and varied portfolio of clients.

With the recent boom in the documentary genre, Wild Stories has progressively opted to diversify its catalog, with growing prominence in other genres, such as history, science, travel, current affairs, research, art, and culture. The objective is to adapt to the reality of the market and respond to the needs of the client.

We put a lot of effort into the process of acquiring and selecting content. It's not so much about quantity as quality," says Pablo Alemán, who through Wild Stories distributes documentaries to operators ranging from global and local free-to-air TV networks to VoD services and platforms.


Included among Wild Stories’ new acquisitions are one-off documentaries such as 36,000 Years of Modern Art (1x52'), a production by Folamour and ARTE France about the influence of prehistoric art on art from the 20th century onwards, and Victims of Impunity: Rwanda's Other Genocide (1x52'/74'), a production by Spanish companies Ébano Media and Deer Watson Films that refutes the official discourses surrounding the massacres that took place in the African country 25 years ago.

Also worth mentioning is the upcoming release of the series Wild Latam (9x52'), produced by Terra Incognita—a Canarian company with whom Wild Stories has a worldwide distribution agreement—and TVE about the nature and wildlife of Latin America, from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. "We already have many international broadcasters interested and hope to begin releasing it in October," says Alemán.

Among the one-off documentary titles that will be incorporated by Wild Stories during the second half of the year are also the Brazilian productions El Dorado: Mengele Dead or Alive? by Laguna Films and Grazing the Amazon, from Associação O Eco.

What is more, given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing the market to reinvent itself, Wild Stories finds itself in a favorable position.


According to Alemán, "in the short and medium term, television consumption and the growing demand for content from international clients could be a great opportunity, especially for distributors with an adequate catalog, to provide the market with the content and, above all, the new features it demands."

In this respect, Wild Stories has several productions that are nearly finished or in post-production, scheduled to be released during the 2020-21 period.

That should be a good competitive advantage to exploit in the coming months and gain market penetration," he says.