"Climate Refugees”, a documentary by David Baute, among the projects selected for the virtual MIFA Pitches

Refugiadas climáticas

Given the challenge posed by the Covid-19 crisis, the organizers of the Annecy 2020 Festival have chosen to hold a digital version, which will run from June 15 to 20. Eight titles with Spanish representation -seven short films and one long documentary- will be present at the event.

"Climate Refugees", by Canarian filmmaker David Baute and his production company Tinglado Film, is among the six feature film projects to be shown at the MIFA Pitches in this virtual edition of the market.

The documentary, aimed at an adult audience, narrates the tragedy of three women, Lobuin, from Kenya, Nazma (India) and Vanesa (Saint Martin Island, Caribbean), who have lost everything due to climate change and are forced to emigrate for a new life.

Tinglado Film, a Tenerife company with more than two decades in the documentary sector, delves with "Climate Refugees" into the animation production.

The Official Selection of this exceptional Annecy’s edition includes seven short films produced wholly or partially by Spanish companies.

Among them “Flesh”, by Camila Kater, a co-production by the Galician company Abano Producciones with the Brazilian company Doctela, distributed in the international market by Audiovisual Freak Agency.

At "Flesh” , through intimate and personal stories, five women share their experiences in relation to the body, from childhood to old age.


Abano, a production company specialized in animation led by Chelo Loureiro, has obtained several recognitions along its trajectory, including the Goya 2016 to the best animation short film for “Decorado”.

The multi-award winning animation director and comic book artist Alberto Vázquez, director of "Decorado" and other successful titles such as the feature film “Psiconautas” or "Birdboy,” is also present in the festival's competition with the short film "Homeless Home” a Spanish-French co-production by Uniko Studio (Ivan Miñambres) and Autour de Minuit (Nicolas Schmerkin).

The Paris-based producer, distributor and sales agency Autour de Minuit is responsible for distributing this 2D animation film aimed at an adult audience.

Homeless Home," tells an existentialist and social story, set in a particular fantastic universe, explaining that no one can escape their roots, even if such roots are rotten.


Also in competition will be "Lursaguak" ("Scenes from Life"), a short film written and directed by Basque filmmaker Izibene Oñederra, after her participation in the Zabaltegi section of the San Sebastian Festival, having also been selected by the Malaga and Animasivo festivals in Mexico.

This dark story about the role of the human condition is part of the Kimuak short film catalog, the Basque audiovisual quarry managed by the Basque Film Archive.

Yo”, by Begoña Arostegui ("The Right Place"), produced by Fernando Franco for Ferdydurke Films, tells the story of a person who lives a routine life until something as simple as a poster changes everything.

Off ECAM, the initiative of the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid to support independent cinema at festivals, is responsible for the distribution of “Yo.”

Ferdydurke, an Andalusian production company founded in 2011, has participated in feature films such as “Wounded”, The apostate" or "Dying", short films such as "Room" and “Good morning resistance", as well as video clips of musicians such as Vetusta Morla or Javier Corcobado .

Competing in the Perspectives section will be the Valencian artist María Lorenzo Hernández with "Urban Sphinx", a street art project turned into an animated short film.


For his part, Ralf Karam directs “Followfood 'In Your Hands,’“ a production by Juan Manuel Freire for the Le Cube study on the sustainable food firm Followfood, competing in the category of Commissioned Films.

In addition, "Unraveled,” a Spanish-Canadian-United States-Italian-Turkish co-production aimed at young adults and made with the puppet technique, competes in the Graduation Short Films category.

Directed by Arden Colley, Asil Atay, Isabel Wiegand and Kellie Fay, “Unraveled” is produced by Frank María Marcos and the BAU, Design College of Barcelona.