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The Spanish group plans the launch of specialty TV channels in Latin America, a new step in its ambitious international growth plan

Grupo Secuoya continúa su expansión en América Latina

The Secuoya Group is preparing the launch of specialty television channels for distribution by cable in the Latin American market, its executive president and founder, Raúl Berdonés, told

The initiative will be carried out through Secuoya Latinoamérica, a subsidiary of the group based in Bogotá, throughout the second half of the year. The new channels will include exclusive content that Secuoya will produce in its entirety.

It is a new step in the group's international expansion, which exports its BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business model to markets with high growth potential, such as Latin America and the United States.

Created in 2008, Secuoya is committed to diversification, ranging from the production and distribution of content to outsourcing services.

The Spanish group has gained special international relevance thanks to its agreement last year with Netflix, which has turned the Secuoya Studios, an audiovisual complex of 22,000 m2 in the town of Tres Cantos (Madrid), into the first production centre the streaming giant has in Europe.

As a producer, Secuoya is behind Spanish fiction series such as "Apaches", broadcast by Atresmedia, or the second season of "Víctor Ros", by TVE. It also creates and produces other programs for free-to-air TV operators at national (Atresmedia, TVE) and regional levels (ETB, Telemadrid, Canal Sur, Aragón TV), as well as specialty channels (Disney Channel, # 0, Ten, Dkiss).

"In Spain we have managed to make national productions lead television consumption, something that does not happen in other countries. In addition, the content travels successfully to Latin America", says Berdonés.

"We are living a very sweet moment of production in Spanish. If we want to advance and expand internationally, be exporters of talent, one of the keys is to bring tax incentives to the same levels as in Europe", he adds.

TV series in Chile

With internationalisation as part of its DNA, Secuoya is implementing in Latin America its model for a network of content and service producers for the audiovisual industry.

In 2013, it opened offices in Chile, Peru and Colombia. Its presence has extended this year to Mexico and the United States.

In addition to offering outsourcing services for Canal 13 TV's operating area, Secuoya Chile participates in the production of TV series with AGTV Producciones, the company created by Pablo Ávila.

Through AGTV, Secuoya has a presence in the production of the soap operas "Pacto de Sangre" and "La Reina de Franklin" and has begun the recording of "Río Oscuro", a TV drama with psychological thriller ingredients that Channel 13 will broadcast during prime time.

Also for Canal 13, Secuoya has produced the entertainment programs "La Rueda de la Fortuna" and "Qué Haría tu Hijo", with Boomerang TV.

In Peru, for America TV, the main commercial chain in the country, Secuoya produces the program "Mujeres sin Filtro", which starts its third season this July.

In a global environment, characterised by a progressive increase in the demand for content and professionals linked to the audiovisual, the executive president of Secuoya emphasises the value of training.

"We cannot forget the professionals, the need for talent (creative and technical). Specialised training, the creation of new ad hoc degrees and setting up an education that is one step ahead of the future is a priority if we want the audiovisual sector to take its rightful place", he concludes.