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“Buñuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles”, an animated feature directed by Salvador Simó, is a candidate at the Annecy Festival

Animación española en el MIFA

Buñuel” is in the running at Annecy, after being included in the official section of the Spanish Film Festival in Malaga, where it received a warm welcome, winning the Special Jury Award at the Animation is Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Cartoon Tribute to the best European Director.

This is a Spanish-Dutch coproduction by Sygnatia, The Glow Animation, Submarine and Hampa, and has been an international box-office hit through Latido Films, with agreements in key international markets like (Gkids), China (Jetsen Huashi), France (Eurozoom) and Italy (Draka).

Producer Manuel Cristóbal sees the competition as an opportunity to replicate his success at Annecy 2012, where he won a jury award with his feature “Wrinkles”, directed by Ignacio Ferreras.

Buñuel's selection to compete at Annecy, “reiterates the variety and quality of Spanish animation”, explained Cristóbal.

The animated short “I’m not afraid of crocodiles”, directed by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas, a production by Catalan company I+G Stop Motion, an independent production company specialised in stop motion animation and puppet animation, is competing in the short film for young audiences category.

Spanish talent is also on show in the commissioned films section of this festival, scheduled to take place from 10 to 15 June, with music video “Deseisaocho (D6A8) 'Limones'”, coproduced with France and directed by Daniela Godel.


One of the most eagerly awaited moments at Annecy will undoubtedly be a preview of “Klaus” on 12 June as part of the Work In Progress sessions. This is the first feature-length animated film from Netflix, and Spaniard Sergio Pablo’s (“Despicable Me”) directing debut.

Klaus”, scheduled for release in 2019, is a 2D film for a family audience produced by SPA, the studio managed by Pablos in Madrid, Atresmedia Cine and technology partner Toon Boom.

The Work in Progress sessions, an opportunity to learn about different phases of animation projects, will also feature “Josep”, a coproduction by B-Water Animation Studios and French enterprise Les Films D'Ici, which Sophie Dulac Distribution has already joined.

Animation from Spain

Around 20 companies have confirmed they will be at the International Animation Market at Annecy (MIFA), under the Animation from Spain umbrella brand, organised by ICEX Spain Trade & Investment.

Spanish animation has reached maturity, with numerous artists, directors, scriptwriters and producers, and the main challenge now is to make studios more sustainable”, said Cristóbal.

The presence of companies from the Canary Islands (3Doubles Producciones, La Casa Animada, Salt Shaker Animation) and Navarre (New Gravity Laws) at Annecy is indicative of the positive effect of tax incentives on the development of regional animation industries and their growing commitment to internationalisation.

Among the Spanish companies with new projects in the pipeline are Abano Productions with preschool series “Valentina”; IMC Toys, with season 4 of “Cry Babies Magic Tears”; Monigotes Estudio 2.0 with“Beyond the Sun”; Big Bang Box, with “Momonsters”; B-water (“Treasure Trekkers”), Fuillerat Partners Animazing (“Gnomix”), Mr. Klaus (“Bento”), Rokyn Animation (“Tiko Taiko”) and Saltarinas (“Rock Bottom”).

In addition, as part of the MIFA Campus, the official presentation of the Quirino Ibero-American animation industry white paper will take place on 11 June.