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Line up

Berlinale Special Gala

The Bookshop

The Bookshop

La Librería

Feature Film / Drama113'

Isabel CoixetCelsius Entertainment

Panorama Special


Sunday's Illness

La Enfermedad del Domingo

Feature Film / Drama113'

Ramón SalazarZeta Cinema


Thirty Souls

Thirty Souls

Trinta Lumes

Documentary Film80'

Diana ToucedoOpen Reel

Panorama Dokumente

The Silence of Others

The Silence of the Others

El Silencio de los Otros

Documentary Film95'

Almudena Carracedo, Robert BaharCinephil


Facing the Wind

Facing the Wind

Con el Viento

Feature Film / Drama108'

Meritxel Collel AparicioPolar Star Films


Ana by Day

Ana by Day

Ana de Día

Feature Film / Drama / Thriller105'

Andrea JaurrietaMedia Luna New Films